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BLACK THREAD has developed from a dot of an idea a little while ago.  The desire to design and develop with a fresh approach, locally produced home wares & furnishings to cherish for your own environment. 

My career and experiences all tie together, an initiative to create and the aspiration to source regionally as possible, producing quality furnishings and personal items that I can be proud of.  

An Interior Design background which lead to working for a Commercial Textile company, has introduced me to wonderful woven textiles, colours & talented people.  Working with passionate colleagues has evolved my ethos regarding environmental concerns and support of local business.  I want to achieve outcomes that we can share pride in provenance.  The home wares we live with, should not only give sensory and visual pleasure but be deeply satisfying in the knowledge it comes with credibility.

The name BLACK THREAD is created from ideas which define me. My personal love of black clothing - much to my friend’s ongoing despair!  Combine this with my fascination with woven textiles from beautiful natural threads and yarns, particularly wool.  Thread this together and you have Black Thread!

 I trust that you enjoy the items I offer and the journey I am undertaking.