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WOOL – a luxuriously soft and resilient fibre.  Naturally insulating, keeping you warm and snug in Winter, whilst cooling in Summer, drawing moisture away.  Yarn used in my cloths, has been sourced from ethically orientated producers here in Australia.  These producers are passionate about improving the welfare of the livestock, the family and workers, along with improving farming and environmental factors. Breeding Soft Rolling Skin (SRS) sheep which don’t require mulesing.  These sheep produce a fine micron fibre, perfect for ue in homewares Black Thread produces.

Wool is a naturally renewable fibre source.   The fibres will naturally decompose back into the earth if disposed of responsibly.

BRUSHTAIL POSSUM FIBRE has a hollow structure which means it has extremely high warmth to weight ratio.  Air is trapped both in the fibre and in the fabric.  When blended with fine Merino, it creates a luxuriously soft, lightweight and warm throw. The fibre has no scales so resists pilling and has outstanding durability.

Introduced to New Zealand in 1837, now occupying 95% of the country, numbers are estimated at 60 million.  With no natural predators, the possum is New Zealand's biggest ecological threat.  They are legally classified as pests.  The use of Brushtail Possum fibre is endorsed by the Department of Conservation and the World Wildlife Fund.  Collection methods and use of the fibre assists the reduction of broadcast poisons and to the effort to protect native forests and birds.

(with thanks to MerinoMinkTM for this initiative and information)

COTTON (and Cotton Blends) – offering a gentle lustre to woven cloths and in the case of my range, beautiful woven detail.  Naturally derived and comfortable to the skin, also Anti-static.

LINEN – a universally loved fibre for its distinctive texture and natural resilience and comfort.  A very strong fibre that characteristically will wrinkle and crease.  With use, the yarn will soften further.  Linen has a high conductivity, drawing moisture away from your body, making linen an ideal choice for use during Summer months.  The best quality linens are sourced from Belgium.

DUCK FEATHERS – sumptuous and extremely comfortable fill.  A by-product locally sourced & manufactured in Victoria.  All covers use down proof Japara casings.

For General Care: 

  • ALL products are labelled Dry-clean Only (P). Please ensure your selected Drycleaner is aware of the content and that you trust them 100% with your beautiful itmes.
  • Fluff cushions to re distribute feathers and plump cushions
  • Air the covers by draping over a drying rack or on a clean towel for an hour or so
  • Air the inserts in same manner
  • Do not place covers in direct sunlight
  • Gently dab any spills with a clean, just damp cloth to absorb as spill much as possible – only for wool and wool blend covers
  • Do not rub spills
  • Do not use any household or harsh chemicals on the covers
  • Inserts can be popped into a clothes dryer on cool for 30mins, fluff and leave out to air for a further 30mins.
  • Alternatively, take inserts to a specialist dry cleaners
  • If you store your covers for any period of time, make sure the covers & inserts are perfectly clean and pack away in an airtight cover.



Resin used in my items, can be washed in soapy water as needed.  Dry with a soft clean cloth. Bring the shine back afterwards by gently wiping a little vegetable oil over the surface - being carfeful not to transfer this to your clothes.

This tye of resin cannot be used or placed in hot water.