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Fragments of Iceland Jewellery by Marisa Molin

Posted by Bronwyn Etheridge on

I am so excited to have some more beautiful sterling silver hand crafted pieces from jeweller Marisa Molin.

Having the opportunity to visit her at her current home earlier this year in Stavanger, Norway, I saw some of the incredible pieces she was working on.

With great restraint, I stopped myself for requesting 1 of everything! I am so thrilled to offer some particularly beautiful pieces, crafted on her fascinating workbench.

Textural and exquisitely evocative mouldings from found objects on the shoreline from various beaches around Tasmania, Iceland & Norway, Marisa has created a limited range of extraordinary beauty in sterling silver.

Marisa has a fascination & interesting history of beach combing, finding the beauty in items we may well pass by. Edges of shell, dried lichen, bone - nothing is identifiable but knowable in it's individual beauty.

Sterling silver mouldings curved, turned, rolled & elegantly twisted to form rings, earrings, brooches and pendants.

I am a proud owner of a number of beautiful treasured pieces by Marisa and I assure you, her pieces always attract interest and intrigue.

If you are interested in exploring further, some items have been loaded to the website at www.blackthread/ (with more to come – mis-matched earrings for $50 as an example) or please feel free to contact me for information.