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Influence of Colour

Posted by Bronwyn Etheridge on


What do you feel looking at the happy fun and inspirational colour combination of the fantastic Button Me cushions? For me it is simply - happiness, honesty and harmony!

Perfect to brighten our days in so many ways, now that we are entering the gloomy, hibernating days of winter. Snuggle up in luxurious wool textiles, allowing yourself to enjoy the beautiful tactile materials which provide natural warmth. Colours which can make you smile or dream.

Text book meanings of colour:

What’s not to like about yellow – such as these beautiful winter wattle fluffy blooms? Described as uplifting and enlightening. Generously offering optimism, happiness, cheerfulness and importantly fun.

It is also said that yellow can inspire original thought and inquisitiveness.

Trustworthy blue – honesty, reliability and loyalty. The use of blue creates a sense of calm, confidence & security.

Peace, tranquillity & contemplation are highlighted in this exquisite glass bowl created by artist Colin Heaney.

Growth green – restorative, renewal, rebirth. This is the colour of balance and harmony, a great balancer for your heart and your emotions. An emotionally positive colour, nurturing love for ourselves and others. You know you get healthy energy from your veges!


I say, make it your own – colour is as individual as you use it.

Very best warming wishes