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Marisa Molin - Contemporary Jeweller

Posted by Bronwyn on

I’m particularly excited to have opportunity to profile Marisa Molin and some of her innovative jewellery on my web site.

Having a strong family connection to Marisa, I have been fortunate to experience Marisa’s growth and exploration of her career in both jewellery making and extension into large scale public sculpture commissions. I proudly wear a number of jewellery pieces – always receiving comment from friends and clients.

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Featured here, mis-match earrings from Marisa’s ‘Melting Point’ collection. This range has come about with consideration to the melting process of silver. Heating silver to the point where the surface begins to melt and texturise. No two pairs are the same and sets are curated to have dramatically different designs worn together. Sets of 2 or 3 available, all hand made in sterling silver.

Apart from the mis-match concept as very ‘on trend’, it emphasises a sense of individualism and embraces the natural process of allowing the melting silver to find its own form. You are safe in the knowledge, that no one else will have the same earrings as you.

The image to the right is #Driftwood Cuff. This piece is part of the Fragments of King series, which is an outcome of an Artist Residency at the Currie Harbour Cultural Centre on King Island (2015). Oxidised silver.

Artist Statement:

Marisa Molin is an Australian Contemporary Jeweller and Artist. Her practice focuses on the appropriation and translation of textures and fragments, collected from walks along shorelines and Tasmania’s vast wilderness.

Molin maps the coastline of islands by collecting textures and fragments found from the shoreline. She takes these fragments and their secret narratives into the studio and translates them into wearable objects. By doing so, Molin creates a collective and visual dialogue about an island, as each island is unique.

Molin has recently relocated from Tasmania to Norway where she has undertaken 2 artist residency programs to further develop her fragment series.

Alongside being an Artist, Molin is also an Arts Professional. She has worked within and collaboratively with many respected Australian Arts Advocacy Agencies and Organisations. She has held the position of Director in various ARI models, including Sawtooth ARI Gallery, and has extensive experience project managing diverse creative initiatives.